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Here are some aerial shots of Upper Merion, Lafayette Park (New and Old), the schools, the Lafayette Swim Club, "The Woods," and Crow Creek....  See if you can name the streets and spot the sites..

    • Bruce Koehler, UMHS Class of '71


Upper Merion Area High School.  The darker sections of roof are newer additions from after I was there in 1971. 

  • There is a "Turret" in the back left corner of the auditorium.

  • New hall (completed in 1968) was extended.

  • Structure was added next to the pool section.  

  • Down in the field area a number of tennis courts were added.

  • Bus parking was added where the old tennis courts used to be.

Upper Merion Area Middle School.  Below are some changes to the Junior High (now middle school).  he Junior High was razed after a new middle school was built and connected to the old gym.  The old Junior High was where the field is in the lower left.  Upgrades to the varsity field were also made.


New Lafayette Park.  Below, we're a little closer in - over NEW Lafayette Park, General Knox, General Armstrong, General Learned, General Muhlenberg Roads, as well as Valley Forge Road ( with General Scott crossing it ).  Anyone remember the name of the short road that dead-ended at the Swim Club?  That was General Maxwell.

OK - just a little bias here - we're focused on my old home - 521 General Learned Road - ( third from the right on the north side ).  Now let's see you pick out where some of the families lived: 

  • Betz

  • Ely

  • Kellet

  • Kelly

  • Kent

  • Kunda

  • Lord

  • Perry

  • Rheinhart

  • Romano

  • Schnelling

  • Safier

  • Schmoll

  • Testa

  • Vermuellen

  • Watsing

  • Weiss

The Old Lafayette Park Swim Club The swim club was given a new life and there is a sports facility behind it.  The parking lot is fully paved, and a lot of the 'old' facilities are easily recognized.


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